1. Desert Safari



Jodhpur has a lot of surprises in store for the adventurer in you. Something you absolutely cannot miss here is a safari – not a regular one, but one in the desert! Hit the sands for an exciting desert safari and explore the world of the wild. Spot blackbucks, foxes, and blue bulls as you sojourn through.

You can take a 4×4 desert safari, which drives through the dunes and gives you an opportunity to explore the fauna of the region. The more adventurous can opt for a 25 minutes’ camel trek. Ride through the dunes, watch the sunset and take home memories for a lifetime as you take this safari.

2. Bishnoi Village Safari



Go on a Bishnoi village safari in an open air jeep to get a close peek into the unique tribal life of the region. The Bishnoi tribes are famous for their reverence for the environment and devotion towards protecting the flora and fauna that surrounds them, especially the endangered blackbucks.

You can opt for the morning, afternoon or full-day village safari as per your convenience. Don’t forget to watch Kalbeliya, a folk dance performed by the gypsy tribes and taste traditional food and opium tea. You might also get a chance to witness crafts such as spinning, carpet-making and pottery by the natives and take some authentic works of art home.

Entrance Fee – Rs. 750 per person

3. Horse Safari



Carry your Jodhpuri breeches, hats and boots for the royal horse safari in Jodhpur. Explore the abundant wildlife of Rajasthan and take a tour of the Mehrangarh Fort, Bishnoi village and more on this exciting safari.

4. Flying Fox


Activities like Flying Fox (held at Mehrangarh Fort) will set your pulse racing. This aerial tour is sure to be an unforgettable experience for you. Enjoy breathtaking views as you fly down the steel zip lines on this two hour tour. This activity is usually held from July to May.

Opening Closing Time – Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Entrance Fee – Adult: Rs. 1400; Child: Rs. 1000

5. Boating



Take a stroll in the opulent gardens that surround the Kailana and Balsamand lakes. And why not go boating with your better half at these lakes and enjoy the beautiful scenery they offer. It is a great way to relax and unwind the body and mind. All the boats are safety equipped and can be rented by the lake side.

6. Flyboy / Paragliding



Horse safaris…desert safaris…all done? Not to worry, air safaris await you in Jodhpur. Try Flyboy, or powered/motored paragliding, and enjoy exceptional sightseeing, aerial photography and much more. This ride to the top is sure to give you the thrill. Your safety is ensured with a qualified pilot sitting by your side while you reach for the skies. Literally!

Opening Closing Time – Duration: 10 minutes to half an hour

Entrance Fee – 
Rs 1,500 to Rs. 2,500


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