Best Road Trips you should must travel once in India

Winters has arrived and our vacations too. What could be more refreshing than a road trip with you buddies, cousins or family. Here below are some suggestion for you to get started.

1. Guwahati-Cherrapunji

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This is the road trip where you can lap up both the cultural glory and natural beauty of the place. Enjoy the sights of stunning landscapes, innumerable intimidating waterfalls, perfectly manicured hills, thick cotton clouds against a spotless blue sky.



2. Bangalore-Coonoor

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Opt for a route that does not take you through the Conoor highway. This entails everything from green grasslands to steep misty mountains to gushing waterfalls to even a valley of flowers. Cute little hamlets and cosy homes that appear as dots beside carefully carved tea and coffee plantations make the view throughout the journey absolutely stunning!

3. Pune to Dedwana( Rajasthan)

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The Pune Dedwana Route makes for a fetching experience especially when on a bike. Get a fine slice of India along the way. The highway from Kishangarh to Dedwana is comprised of two lanes and thus helps in having a long and nice ride.

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4. Karwar-Mangalore

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Starting from the pristine Karwar to the beach town of Mangalore, the route abounds in several exquisite sights. It is one of the most attractive coastal roads since the majestic Western Ghats fall on one side, the glistening sea falls on the other.

5. Manali- Leh

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This route is one of the most popular ones in India and for a good reason too.  Originating from Manali, one will pass through Rohtang Pass, Keylong, Baralacha La Pass, Sarchu, Nakee La and many other enthralling and narrow passes to reach the valleys of Leh. The sights along the way are simply breath-taking.

6. Shillong to Cherrapunjee

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What seems like a ride into the clouds, this route treats you with divine views of the landscapes of Meghalaya.  Accompanying you with scenic beauty throughout, the roads are good and one can even come across the Cherra Bridge to catch a breath. Make sure to catch a sight of the famous ‘Bara Pani’ along the way.

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7. Bangalore- Goa

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Delight in the trails from the Garden City of India to Goa, the Beach Capital of India. Short, captivating and loaded with tons of fun and excitement, this is indeed one of the best road trips down the Southern part of India.

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8. Dehradun to Nainital

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Feast your eyes on Mother Earth’s treasures. The Kumaon Hills in Uttarakhand offers natural beauty on the way, wildlife parks as well as an assortment of religious shrines. Discover your inner self at Rishikesh, head to Corbett for enjoying the wildlife and catching sight of a rare tiger or two; catch a boat ride on the Nainital Lake.

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9. Mysore-Ooty

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Known for its opulent heritage and the other for hill station bliss, the drive from Mysore to Ooty is a winsome one. Lap up sights of lush vegetative fields of marigolds and sunflowers. Make way through Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary and have your own jungle safari. Feel the thrill as you surpass many hairpin bends.

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10. Srinagar-Zanskar

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Enter dream land as you embark upon the route from Srinagar to Zanskar. Savour the sights of picturesque Dal Lake, lush meadows of Sonemarg and traverse through the daunting Zozila Pass and Kargil. After surpassing the Pensila Pass, come across some spectacular glaciers, never-ending grasslands, sparkling rivers, snow-capped peaks and a rainbow of colours.

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11. Darjeeling-Gangtok

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The frosty road trip from the Darjeeling to the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok, opens up amazing views. Catch sight of the magnificent Mt. Kanchenjunga as well as the Ghoom Monastery when leaving Darjeeling. This route will also take you through the pictorial Mirik Lake and perfectly manicured tea garden plantations.

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12. Bangalore-Hampi

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Along the road trip from Bangalore to Hampi, set your sights on some excellent sculptures, ruins and temples dated epochs back that blend remarkably well with the rocky landscape. Enjoy views of clear rivers, blooming flowers, the orange of the sun intervening the blue skyline and some opulent remains of an era back in time.

13. Kodaikanal-Munnar

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Known as the British evacuation route of 1942, this striking trail lies at an elevation of 2,480 meters. It is renowned to be the highest route in the south of the Himalayas hence assuring some magical backdrops and verdant landscapes.

14. Shimla- Manali

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A rather sought after road trip in North India, this is a picturesque one meandering on the edges of the Himalayas beside the sparkling waters of the River Beas and overlooking some intimidating mountains. Adding to the appeal is the presence of the spooky tunnel as long as 2.8km before reaching Aut.

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15. Delhi-Jaipur

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Starting from the heart of India’s capital, New Delhi, one can ride to Jaipur and feel the charm of almost all types of terrains. Pass through the most colourful and iconic cities in the country. The roads are easy and well-maintained thus offering you some ground to practice some speed-driving as well.

16. Mumbai-Goa

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One of the favourite destinations amongst Mumbaites, the  road trip too adds to the experience.This dazzling drive navigates you through the verdant Ghats, lush marshlands and pristine beaches that can be viewed from the hairpin curves which you take along the way.

17. Jaipur-Ranthambore

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Get a true feel of incredible India. With this trail get a fine essence of royalty with the palaces and vast sands of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Adding to the experience is the wilderness and natural foliage of Ranthambore.

18. Chennai-Puducherry

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Along the spectacular East Coast Road, the road trip from Chennai to Puducherry is a memorable one. Take in stunning views of the Bay of Bengal, the pristine beaches on the Coromandel coast and a number of old majestic temples.

19. Mumbai-Pune

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A rather popular and frequent road trip, The Mumbai-Pune expressway is the first six-lane concrete built in 2002. Keeping you company throughout the way are intriguing mountain tunnels, luscious valleys of the Sahyadris that fall on the Western Ghats and the majestic hills of Lonavala and Khandala. The route especially becomes magical during the monsoons.

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