14 Best Places for Animal Lovers

Love Animals want to cuddle with them. Here are the places you can get time to enjoy with them whole day. So enjoy the list (Places for Animal Lovers) and don’t forget to like and subscribe us

1. Assateague Island, Maryland- Wonder Land of Ponies

Image Courtesy - independenttraveler.com
Image Courtesy – independenttraveler.com

The ponies on the Assateague Island, Maryland are wild but tough enough to survive the changing climate of the island. Remember those scenes from movies where you see countless ponies running on beaches? It’s the same, apart from the fact that you get to be in that scene.

Image Courtesy - darkroom.baltimoresun.com
Image Courtesy – darkroom.baltimoresun.com

What’s there for the animal lovers: It is one of those rare places where one can view wild ponies and admire them from a distance. The destination is perfect for Horse Photography.

Image Courtesy - mensjournal.comImage Courtesy – mensjournal.com

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2. Pig Beach, Bahamas- So many Pigs huh.?

Image Courtesy - lahowind.com
Image Courtesy – lahowind.com

Pig Beach, an uninhabited island in Exuma, the Bahamas, is famous for its swimming pigs. These pigs are said to have been dropped off on the island by visiting sailors who never returned. Some even say that the pigs survived some shipwreck and swam their way to the island. As of today, these pigs are the biggest attraction on the island and attract thousands of tourists every year.

Image Courtesy - dailymail.co.uk
Image Courtesy – dailymail.co.uk

What’s there for the animal lovers: Swim with Pigs, something you wouldn’t do anywhere else in the world. But the pig beach in Bahamas would definitely want you to play with the little piggies.

Image Courtesy - natgeotraveller.co.ukImage Courtesy – natgeotraveller.co.uk

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3. Christmas Island, Australia- Crabby Crabby Island

Image Courtesy - boringduckling.com
Image Courtesy – boringduckling.com

With tens of millions of red crabs migrating between October to December, the Crab island is one of the most terrifyingly beautiful places on earth. The phenomenon of migration of Red Crabs lasts several weeks, forcing roads to close for the crabs to cross.

Image Courtesy – abc.net.au


What’s there for the animal lovers: There isn’t much you can do if you’re afraid of Crabs. But, the red crab migration is something you don’t get to see every day and it is spectacular. The best time to visit the island is during October to December.

Image Courtesy - ripleys.com
Image Courtesy – ripleys.com

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4. Kauai, Hawai – Wanna taste some.?

Image Courtesy - suburbanmisfit.com
Image Courtesy – suburbanmisfit.com

Hawaiian island Kauai is well known for its lush vegetation, unspoilt beaches and roosters. Roosters, hens and little chicks are found roaming the island and are believed to be descendants of former fighting cocks unleashed during a devastating hurricane which hit over a decade ago. While visiting the island, you’ll find birds in outdoor food courts, running around sugar cane and corn crops, and even waking tourists up at the crack of dawn.

Image Courtesy - helenacalhounblog.com
Image Courtesy – helenacalhounblog.com

What’s there for the animal lovers: Imagine waking up to the rooster calls in the morning. The island leaves with you refreshing energy as roosters are not for their mobility. So, if you love chasing roosters, this is the place for you.

Image Courtesy - wsj.comImage Courtesy – wsj.com

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5. Svalbard, Norway – Isn’t I am cute

Image Courtesy - dxnews.com
Image Courtesy – dxnews.com

More than  2,000 polar bears  are habitats of the Svalbard archipelago. Considered the world’s largest land carnivores, these beautiful yet dangerous  bears can be encountered within every few miles on the island. Polar bear watching cruises are the highlight of the island as once watch these polar bears from the distance.

Image Courtesy - jholko.com
Image Courtesy – jholko.com

What’s there for the animal lovers: This could be your Man vs Wild moment. If you followed Bear Grylls and wondered what it’d be like to watch the Polar Bears hunt, Svalbard would not disappoint you.

Image Courtesy - arctic.blogs.panda.org
Image Courtesy – arctic.blogs.panda.org

6. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi Kenya –  Home of Long Range Animals

Image Courtesy - facebook.com/GiraffeManor
Image Courtesy – facebook.com/GiraffeManor

Giraffe Manor is a residence in Nairobi, Africa, which is set on 12 acres of  property surrounded by forest and is known for Giraffes. These majestic creatures can be seen roam around the property in the morning and evening. For people who want to immerse themselves in the African wilderness, this is a perfect place to go about it.

Image Courtesy - facebook.com/GiraffeManor
Image Courtesy – facebook.com/GiraffeManor

What’s there for the animal lovers: Breakfast with Giraffes, now that’s something you would imagine doing otherwise. Sounds like something out of the world and that’s exactly what it is.

Image Courtesy - dailymail.co.uk
Image Courtesy – dailymail.co.uk
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7. Sloth Sanctuary, Costa Rica- Just want some fun

Image Courtesy - telegraph.co.uk
Image Courtesy – telegraph.co.uk

Sloths are popular creatures yet most people don’t know anything about sloths. The Sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica gives you a great opportunity to learn about this glorious yet bizarre creature.

Image Courtesy - telegraph.co.uk
Image Courtesy – telegraph.co.uk

What’s there for the animal lovers: If you think Sloths are the most cuddle-able creatures on the planet, then visiting the sanctuary might be your only chance to cuddle with them. The sanctuary allows you to sleep with the Sloths, with six rooms for sloth fans.

Image Courtesy - costaricantimes.com
Image Courtesy – costaricantimes.com

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8. Lasqueti Island, Canada- We are big giants

Image Courtesy - taildom.com
Image Courtesy – taildom.com

This  mysterious island off Vancouver Island is home to a dog breeder named Tikki Smith. She lives in the remote Lasquite Island community of around 350 residents. It is said that she has 40 Saint Bernards who are now an integral part of the island life.

Image Courtesy - raineyroost.com
Image Courtesy – raineyroost.com

What’s there for the animal lovers: Who doesn’t like dogs? If St Bernard is your favorite breed, you’d be delighted be on this island. Check out the video to know more.

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9. Tashirojima Island, Japan – Din’t you wanna cuddle with me

Image Courtesy - nbcnews.com
Image Courtesy – nbcnews.com

Tashirojima island, popularly known as the Cat Island, off the coast of Ishinomaki in Japan, has a larger feline population than humans. The people who live on the island take care of the cats and visitors are welcomed to do the same. In Japan cats represent good luck and fortune. There is a cat shrine on the island, and countless cat-shaped cottages. Cat-lovers crowd the island all the time, however, dogs are not allowed on the island.

Image Courtesy -
Image Courtesy – ibtimes.co.uk

What’s there for the animal lovers: Cats, cats everywhere. This island is a cat lover’s paradise. Some of these cats are naughty, some are fluffy as clouds.

Image Courtesy - travelbook.co.jp
Image Courtesy – travelbook.co.jp
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10. Okunoshima Island (Bunny Island), Japan – Maybe you can find a Bugs Bunny

Image Courtesy - amusingplanet.com
Image Courtesy – amusingplanet.com

A huge rabbit population has taken over the Okunoshima Island, in Japan. Thousands of visitors visit the island for bunny love. The island was poisoned during the second World War, later these rabbits were intentionally brought to the island and it was turned into a park.

Image Courtesy - windsorstar.com
Image Courtesy – windsorstar.com

What’s there for the animal lovers: Get smothered by bunnies. Okunoshima Island is one of the most dedicated animal islands. The bunnies on the island grow up to

Image Courtesy - avaxnews.com
Image Courtesy – avaxnews.com

11. Wolf Sanctuary, Pennsylvania- We hunt in groups so, Beware

Image Courtesy - crineerphotos.com
Image Courtesy – crineerphotos.com

Wolves are not as friendly as dogs but they are fierce and wild, and some people dig that. The Wolf Sanctuary in Pennsylvania offers tour to the whole place, even on full moons. One can watch the wolves howl in unison, in this 80+ acre of natural woodland.

Image Courtesy - tripadvisor.com
Image Courtesy – tripadvisor.com

What’s there for the animal lovers: If Game of thrones tickles your fantasy and you are crazy about Wolves, then this wolf sanctuary has a lifetime experience waiting for you.

Image Courtesy - tripadvisor.com
Image Courtesy – tripadvisor.com

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12. Ilha da Queimada Grande (Snake Island), Brazil – Hissssssss………

Image Courtesy - huffingtonpost.com
Image Courtesy – huffingtonpost.com

Ilha da Queimada Grande, also known as the Snake Island is a remote island off the coast of Brazil. It is one of those places one should definitely avoid as it is teeming with, the Golden Lancehead Viper, one of the most venomous snakes known to mankind. One can encounter a snake every three feet, The Brazilian Navy has banned people from visiting the island but occasionally, with permission scientists are granted access.

Image Courtesy - iefimerida.gr
Image Courtesy – iefimerida.gr

What’s there for the animal lovers: The Island is restricted to some people for obvious reasons. But, if you somehow manage a tour to the island, you would encounter Golden Lancehead pit viper which is a rare breed of snakes and is not found anywhere else.

Image Courtesy - infobarrel.com
Image Courtesy – infobarrel.com

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13. Madagascar – We are Weird

Image Courtesy - nathab.com
Image Courtesy – nathab.com

Madagascar is the only one place in the world where you can find lemurs running around open in the wild. Hundreds of species of lemurs can be spotted in just one visit. The lemurs are said to have different sizes, ranging from a coke can to the size of a cat.

Image Courtesy - softpedia.com
Image Courtesy – softpedia.com

What’s there for the animal lovers: Madagascar is one place that gained more popularity after the animated movie series. The island is full of mischievous Lemurs.

 Places for Animal Lovers Image Courtesy - nationalgeographic.com
Image Courtesy – nationalgeographic.com
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14. Seal Island, CapeTown – We love to swim

Image Courtesy - entouriste.com
Image Courtesy – entouriste.com

A few kilometres off the northern beaches of Cape Town, Seal Island is home to more than 65,000 Cape Fur Seals.If you are lucky enough, you might encounter the white shark preying on the seals. The Seal Island is too rocky to disembark but a spectacular place to visit from a distance.

Places for Animal Lovers
Image Courtesy – theworldeffect.com

What’s there for the animal lovers: Seal island is famous for it’s cruise journey. One more reason to love Cape Town!

Places for Animal Lovers
Image Courtesy – utravel.in.th

If you know any such place in the world that is dedicated to a single breed, mention in comments!

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