Udaipur City Palace

uaipur city palace

A complex of small and big palaces, museums and gardens encompassing a rich blend of Rajasthani, Mughal, Medieval, European and Chinese architecture. One of the most beautiful palatial structures in Rajasthan. Originally built by Maharana Uday Singh II, it rises 30 meters above Lake Pichola and extends up to 244 meters.

city of lakes

Lakes make a perfect backdrop to the romantic setting of Udaipur. It is truly famous for its beautiful lakes and watercourses. The city is popular by the phrase of ‘the city of lakes’. Water is a basic necessity of life and lakes full of water give a sense of relief. The Picturesque lakes offering a fabulous view of the mountains make Udaipur, a dream destination of every tourist. Since ages, these lakes have been providing water to the city dwellers.

udaipur city gardens

The city of lakes, is also known as the garden city of Rajasthan. This romantic city, with the backdrop of picturesque lakes and lush green gardens, appeals to the aesthetic sense of any spectator. The very name of garden brings a sense of relief in the era of concrete jungles.

udaipur museum

Udaipur is a majestic city that presents artifacts of the bygone age by the means of museums. These museums peep into the ancient times of the imperial city. If you have planned to come to the city of Udaipur, then take out some time to visit the art museums of Udaipur. These museums are made to preserve the priceless objects of the noble kings.

forts udaipur

The imperial history of Mewar looks still alive in the forts of Udaipur. The Forts here boast about the legends of glorious past. These ancient forts had witnessed the great battles of Mewar. The huge forts had served the Royalty of Mewar. In the present day, the fort stands as the quintessence of the sovereigns of the erstwhile age. These ancestral structures are made of solid foundations that have resisted the weather, cyclones and earthquakes since centuries.

temples udaipur

Udaipur is famous for its lofty lakes, huge palaces, massive forts and artistic temples. The word ‘Temple’ itself brings a sense of reverence in the mind. A tour doesn’t only mean roaming around the substantial worldly structures, but something that has a spiritual appeal too. The temples in and around Udaipur are famous for their striking architecture and religious nature.

Other Attractions
other attractions udaipur

Other attractions like Sukhadia Circle, Solar Observatory and Aapni Dhani etc are also there

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