Jodhpur Sun City


Jodhpur  is the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It was formerly the seat of aprincely state of the same name, the capital of the kingdom known as Marwar. Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination, featuring many palaces, forts and temples, set in the stark landscape of the Thar Desert.The city is known as the “Sun City” for the bright, sunny weather it enjoys all the year round. The old city circles the fort and is bounded by a wall with several gates. However, the city has expanded greatly outside the wall over the past several decades. Jodhpur lies near the geographic center of Rajasthan state, which makes it a convenient base for travel in a region much frequented by tourists.


The climate of Jodhpur is generally hot and semi-arid, but with a rainy season from late June to September . Although the average rainfall is around 450 millimetres , it is extraordinarily variable. Temperatures are extreme throughout the period from March to October, except when monsoonal rain produces thick clouds to lower it slightly. In the months of April, May and June, high temperatures routinely exceed 40 degrees Celsius.


The city is famous for its food and its popularity can be see by the fact that one can find sweet shops naming ‘Jodhpur Sweets’ in many cities throughout India. Being at the onshore of Thar desert, life has been influencing with ways of the desert folks.There are many tourist places to visit.


A number of Indian delicacies have originated in Jodhpur. To name a few, the Makhaniya Lassi, Mawa Ki Kachori, Pyaaj Ki Kachori, Hot & Spicy Mirchi Bada , Dal Bati Churma, Lasan Ki Chutney, Mirchi Ka Kutaa , Gatte Ki Sabzi , Ker Sangri Sabzi  Raab,Lapsi, Aate Ka Halwa, Kachara Mircha Sabzi and Kadhi Pakoda with Baajre Ka Sogra. Jodhpur is famous for its sweets ranging from traditional “Makhanbada“, “Mawa Ki Kachori“, “Malpua“, “Ghevar“, “Motichur Ke Laddu“, “Besan barfi“, “Thorr” and “Gulab Jamun” to Bengali “Rasgulla” and “Ras Malai” prepared by a traditional house “Jodhpur Sweets”.


579 Km – by Flight,Train,Road from DELHI
There is no direct flight to jodhpur available now but you can travel via Delhi or Bombay.

Air: Indira Gandhi International Airport(delhi) to Jodhpur Airport
Time :(80-90 min )
Price :Rs 8000-10000

Time: 13 hrs
Price :Rs 500-600

Time: 13 hrs to 10 hrs
Price : Rs 300-400

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