Hawa Mahal


The Hawamahal was build in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. Lal Chand Ustad design it in the form of the crown of Lord Krishna, the Hindu god. Its unique five-storey exterior is a kin to the honeycomb of a beehive with its 953 small windows called jharokhas decorates with intricate latticework. The original intention of the lattice was to allow royal ladies to observe everyday life in the street below without being seen, since they had to obey strict “purdah” (face cover). The lattice also allows cool air from the Venturi effect (doctor breeze) through the intricate pattern, air conditioning the whole area during the high temperatures in summers.

In 2006, restoration and renovation works on the HawaMahal were undertaken, after a gap of 50 years, to give a face lift to the monument at an estimated cost of Rs 4568 million. The corporate sector lent a hand to preserve the historical monuments of Jaipur and the Unit Trust of India has adopted HawaMahal to maintain it. The palace is an extended part of a huge complex. The stone-carved screens, small casements and arched roofs are some of the features of this popular tourist spot. The monument also has delicately modelled hanging cornices. Just like the other monuments of Jaipur, the palace is also constructed in pink and red coloured stone.

 Visiting Hours

9 A.M to 5.00 P.M
Entry Fee for Indians : 50 Rs.
Entry Fee for Foreigners : 200 Rs.


(From Ajmeri Gate): 2 – 3 Km
Time: 10 min


You can enjoy street food or nearby shops offering various sweets , snacks and ice cream.
Or you can rush to nearby various reastaurants offering traditional dishes,snacks for breakfast,lunch and dinner.


There are  many shops for handmade footwear’s like Jodhpuri Jootiya and traditional dresses.


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