21 Local Dishes From Around India You Have To Try At Least Once

Ever been to India then you should have heard of popular dishes of India with no doubt. SO here is a simple list of 21 local dishes around India you have to try atleast once and don’t forget to share your pics with you.

1. Makki ki roti and sarsoon ka saag

Makki roti

Where you can find it:  Punjab

As the name suggests, this dish is made from sarsoon (mustard seeds) and spices. People generally accompany it with Makki roti, a bread made with corn. Some people prefer to add spinach to get the green colour, but the taste of mustard dominates the meal throughout. Eat this with white butter or ghee and you’ll be asking for more!

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2. Vadapav 


Where you can find it: Maharashtra

Mumbai survives on vadapav and you can spot people selling it in every nook and corner of the city. It consists of a potato filling wrapped in a bun. Of course, you can enjoy it with red or green chutney.

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3. Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak

Where you can find it: Mysore

This is made up of ghee, gram flour sugar and cardamom, which make it a high calorie dessert. The sweet dish is considered auspicious all over southern India. In fact, people even serve these at weddings or baby showers.

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4. Xacuti


Where you can find it:  Goa

While Goa is known for its sea food, its speciality lies in pork dishes. Xacuti is a curry prepared with endless spices, grated coconut and large dried chillies. It is usually made with chicken or lamb.

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5. Undhiyu


Where you can find it: Gujarat

This dish is a seasonal one and is made with vegetables that are available in Gujarat in winters. Unripe banana, green beans, new peas, small plants and muthia are a few of its constituents. It is enjoyed with Puri and Shrikhand in the winters.

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6. Bhutte Ka Kees

Bhutte Ka Kees

Where you can find it: Madhya Pradesh

This is a seasonal dish that is prepared with fresh corn. Bhutte means corn andKees refers to the grated part of it. It is prepared by roasting grated corn with spices. Interestingly, a few versions of it involve milk too. This dish can be found all over the state, especially in Indore. Bhutte Ka Kees is a popular breakfast dish in Madhya Pradesh as well.

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7. Red ant chutney

Red ant chutney

Where you can find it: Chattisgarh

This chutney is also known as Chaprah by the tribal population of Chattisgarh. You won’t be surprised to know that this is one of the most bizarre dishes made in India. Red ants are dried and blended with spices and sweeteners and you can have it with any meal you desire. Don’t worry, because it’s popular dish in this state and you won’t die after eating it.

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8. Chikhvi 


Where you can find it: Tripura

Chikhvi is the staple dish of Tripura. It is made up of bamboo shoots and pork. However, the best thing about this dish is that it is made without oil. Chikhvi is served hot with plain rice.

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9. Masor Tenga

Masor Tenga

This is yet another signature dish from north eastern India that you can’t get enough of. Assam is known for fish curries, but this one is their hot favourite. The main ingredient of this fish curry is Tenga, a souring agent. If you are planning to visit Assam any time soon, you should not miss out on this dish.

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10. Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh

Where you can find it: Jammu and Kashmir

The word Rogan means clarified butter or fat in Persian and Josh means intensity.Rogan Josh is one of the main dishes of a Kashmiri multi-course meal. It includes braised lamb pieces cooked in a gravy of browned onions, yogurt, garlic and other aromatic spices. It is most known for the red color of its gravy. The highlight of this dish lies in the variety of spices that bring out a distinct flavour.

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11. Daulat Ki Chaat

Daulat ki chaat

Where you can find it: Delhi

Daulat Ki Chaat means snack of wealth. And trust me, it tastes as wonderful as it sounds. You’ll be surprised at the simplicity of its taste. It consists of light foam that melts in the mouth leaving behind a taste of cream, saffron, sugar and nuts. It is not a wonder of cooking, but more of an Old Delhi thing. Sadly, you can only find it in winters.

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12. Kakori Kabab

Kakori Kabab

Where you can find it: Uttar Pradesh

Kakori gets its name from Kakori in Uttar Pradesh. Kakori kababs are really soft. This dish is nothing but minced lamb or grilled mutton with a variety of Indian flavours and seasoning. This dish was brought by the Mughals to India and was a hit among the British too.

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13. Litti Chokha

Litti chokha

Where you can find it: Bihar

Litti is a snack made with wheat and sattu (a combination of powdered gram or lentil). It can be eaten with yogurt, baigan bharata, aloo bharata and papad. Spices like cumin powder, red pepper, mustard oil are used to enhance its flavours. In Bihar,litti is served with murgh korma or chokha, a vegetarian dish made with mashed egg plant, tomato and potato.

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14. Jhangora Kheer

Jhangora Kheer

Where you can find it: Uttrakhand

Jhangora is the Indian name of millet. It is prepared with millet, milk, sugar and dry fruits. This kheer is a pahadi speciality. Another speciality of Uttrakhand is aloo ki gutke, a spicy potato delicacy.

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15. Sepu Vadi

Sepu Vadi

Where you can find it: Himachal Pradesh

Sepu vadi is a healthy Himachali speciality. It is a spinach curry with lentil dumplings. These dumplings are made up of fermented urad dal. They taste best with rotis and cumin rice.

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16. Roh Di Kheer

Roh Di Kheer

Where you can find it: Chandigarh

It is a winter special in the region, and is a simple dessert, consisting of rice cooked in sugarcane juice.

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17. Phagshapa


Where you can find it:  Sikkim

A major part of Sikkimese cuisine is inspired from that of Nepal. Apart from momosand thukpa, you can try phagshapa which is a strip of pork stewed with radish and dried chillies. Another interesting delicacy from Sikkim is sel roti, a flour based pastry.

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18. Dal bhaati churma

Dal bhaati churma

Where you can find it: Rajasthan

The dal is prepared using tuvaar dal, chaana dal, mung dal, moth dal, and urad dal. All these lentils are cooked together after being soaked in water for a few hours.Baati is a hard bread made up of wheat powder. Finally, the dal-baati is served withrava ladoo, rice, mint chutney, green mango chutney, onions and buttermilk.

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19. Apung

Rice beer

Where you can find it: Arunachal Pradesh

What is it? It is a beer made up of rice and millet made by the Mishing tribe in Arunachal Pradesh.

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20. Iromba


Where you can find it: Manipur

Iromba is most known for its pungent taste. It is made with fermented fish, bamboo shoots and boiled vegetables, all of them cooked in a chilli paste.

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21. Dalma


Where you can find it: Orissa

In comparison to other states in India, Orrisa’s cuisine is made with less oil and spices. Dalma is quite popular in here. It is made from toor dal and chopped vegetables such as green papaya, unripe banana, pumpkin and gourd. Turmeric and mustard seeds are used to garnish it. However, there are several variations of this dish. Another popular dish from this state is Chaatu Rai, a dish made from mushrooms and mustard.

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Did you know any such dishes that we miss. Please share it details and pic with us. We would be glad.
Happy Fooding!!!!!

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    Guys u forget one most important food in jaipur,Rajasthan
    N that is Daal Batti….

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      Thanks Chaitnya Sharma for your feedback but
      Dal Baati Churma is on the 18 no. on the list

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