20 Breathtaking Wonders Of The World That are More Amusing Than Original One

You have always heard of 7 wonders of World and may even explore it. But did you see these places which are even more amusing then 7 wonders of world.
Checkout the 20 breathtaking wonder of the world that will hold your breath and eyes to it.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

1. Vinales Valley, Cuba


This amazing valley and its surrounding limestone monuments seem like a picture out of Southeast Asia rather than the island of Cuba.

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2. Mount Roraima, Venezuela


Venezuela’s highest tabletop mountain, with its pyramid-like steps and cascading waterfalls, is so high that it’s perpetually ringed by masses of swirling clouds.

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3. The Archeological Site of Meroë, Sudan


Once the capital of the Kingdom of Kush, Meroe is home to a series of fabulous tombs and mausoleums and has produced stunning artifacts from antiquity.

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4. Cuicul (Djémila), Algeria


This ancient Roman town is unique due to its mountainous locale and boasts several temples, public and private buildings, as well as an impressive amphitheater.

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5. Maelifell, Iceland


This beautifully – not to mention unusually – formed volcano is entirely swathed in bright green moss and ringed by serpentine glacial rivers and streams.

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6. Lauca World Biosphere Reserve


A truly stunning landscape, this reserve encompasses broad ranges of plateau, all at nearly 10,000 feet above sea level. The area is dotted with various archeological sites and is home to wide range of animal species.

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7. Transfiguration Church, Kizhi, Russia


This extraordinary display of mass onion domes and arches, all done in wood, is an early 18th century marvel not to be matched anywhere else.

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8. Standing Stone of Callanishstanding-stones

Every bit as mysterious and magical as more well-known Stonehenge in England, these Scottish Neolithic stones are composed of a circle of stones as well as lines of stones that radiate from it.

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9. Anjar, Lebanon


These 8th century ruins are incorporated into the small town of the same name and was originally constructed by builders and artists from Turkey and Egypt at the behest of local rulers.

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10. Dobsina Ice Cave, Slovakia


This stunning ice cave has a central chamber that is 40ft high and a floor composed of an over 80 foot thick slab of ice. The stalagmites and stalactites are more like spires of crystal than rock formations due to their layers of ice.

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11. Red Seabeach, Panjin, China


This vast marshland is home to the Suada grass which gives this wetland habitat – the largest in the world – its name.

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12. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland


Falling over 200ft to the pool below, this waterfall provides a rather unique interior view due the path that leads behind the fall.

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13. Forest of Knives, Madagascar


With its jagged rock formations dating to the Jurassic Period, this area of Madagascar has created the perfect barrier between humans and the plants and animals that call this space home. It’s so removed from human involvement that some species are still being discovered here.

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14. Pamukkale, Turkey


What looks like ice and snow is actually a layer of calcium carbonate left behind by water from the area’s hot springs. The cliffs and terraces are continually forming and reforming as water continues to pour over them.

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15. Palau Archipelago, Micronesia


Boasting some of the clearest water and beautiful reefs in the world, this compact little grouping of islands makes for one attractive diving locale.

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16. Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


This extraordinary complex was made around 1,500 years ago and has as its main feature a nearly 700ft tall rock column with the ruins of a palace atop it. The entrance to this feature, also called the rock fortress, is composed of the ruins of a massive stone lion.

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17. Ayutthaya, Thailand


This great city was made in the mid-14th century and was the center of the royal court as well as the name of the kingdom that it headed until the 18th century.

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18. Ordesa Canyon, Spain


Part of the Ordesa Y Monte Perdido National Park, Ordesa Canyon is located deep within the Pyrenees and is home to such majestic creatures as the Golden Eagle.

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19. Meteora, Greece


Meteora is a complex of monasteries build upon various sandstone pillars, with the buildings dating between the 11th and 16th centuries.

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20. Mount Bromo, Indonesia

mount-bromo-chalbatohi Wonders of the world

This active volcano resides in the midst of a plain known as the Sea of Sand and stands well over 7,000 feet tall.

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