12 Unbelievable Earth Holes You’ve Never Seen

Our World is amazing place with no doubt. It has got toms of miracles, secrets in one way or other. So here we are trying to get to you every possible secret places and miracles right to your desktop.Our today’s topic is 12 Unbelievable Earth Holes You’ve Never Seen.Hope you all like it. Stay tuned . Like and Share so everyone can enjoy.

1. The Heavenly Pit, China


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One of the most awe-inspiring natural attractions on Earth is located in Xiaozhai, Tiankeng in Chongqing Municipality. The Heavenly Pit is a giant double-nested sinkhole with vertical walls with at least 600 meters deep and 500 meters wide. The sinkhole formed over 129,000 years ant it’s considered the deepest in the world. The bottom of the sinkhole is crossed by 8,5 km underground river, which is open to sunlight only here. The rainy season brings picture-perfect views here.

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2. The Great Blue Hole, Belize


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The Great Blue Hole is the top bucket list destination for about every scuba diver in the world, as everyone dreams of diving in crystalline waters, actually it’s one of the reasons to visit Belize. The Great Blue Hole is a large circular underwater sinkhole, 984 ft. Across and 410 ft. Deep, located off the coast of Belize. Noted as the globe’s largest natural creation of its kind, it attracts scuba buffs due to the abundance of coral and sharks, and caves filled with a stalactite.

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3. Kennecott Copper Mine, Utah, USA


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Also known as Kennecott Copper Mine, it’s an open-pit mine situated in the southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. The Bingham Canyon Mine is the largest and deepest man-made excavation in the world: more than 3000 ft deep and 2.75 miles wide! Two Empire State buildings piled up one on top of the other wouldn’t stretch to the top. It is the world’s largest open-pit mine and the 2nd largest copper producer in the U.S. Opened in 1904, the mine has been named a historic landmark later on.

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4. Glory Hole, Monticello Dam, California


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The Monticello Dam is the word’s largest man-made glory hole with rather a provocative name. It can swallow approximately 48,400 cubic ft of water per second. Wow, I can barely get myself to drink a bottle of water a day. This funnel-shaped spillway lets water bypass the dam when it reaches capacity. For obvious reasons, it is forbidden to swim near the glory, that’s why there are buoys placed across the lake to mark the restricted area and discourage swimmers or boater from approaching the dam.

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5. Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas


Pic Credit: Tumblr


Located near Clarence Town on Long Island, Dean’s Blue Hole is the planet’s deepest known underwater sinkhole. While most blue holes reach a depth of 100 meters, Dean’s Blue Hole plunges twice the depth of most others, which makes it unique and a popular spot for snorkeling and diving. There’s nothing known about who Dean is and why on earth he made such a scary big hole under the sea, but locals won’t even dip a toe in the water here as they believe it was dug by Satan himself, who lurks deep down waiting for unwary divers to get caught between the ink blue sea and the devil.

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6. Dead Sea Sinkholes, Israel


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Growing population and tourism, as well as chemical industries, are the main reasons why several large sinkholes appeared near Ein Gedi. There are over 3,000 such cavities and likely just as many that we don’t know about all along the coast of the Dead Sea. They are known to be only multiplying, which can be a real threat to landscape and people leaving nearby. Dropping sea levels and inappropriate mismanagement of water resources are directly related to the sinkhole formation. Can you imagine some of these craters are as deep as 8-story building, which is 80 feet into the ground?

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7. The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan


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This giant Hell Hole has been made of fire for more than 40 years. At first glance, it could be taken for a a dramatic scene from The Lord of the Rings. Even though this region with the giant fire hole in the heart of Karakum Desert looks like Mordor, bet no one ever tried to destroy the Ring here. It is a desert crater made more than 40 years ago, known as The Door to Hell. The Hell Hole is almost 230 ft wide, and the flames inside are powerful enough to light up the sky.

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8. The Big Hole, Kimberley Mine, South Africa


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The largest hand-dug hole in the world is still known as the capital of the world’s diamond industry. From 1871 more than 30,000 of miners were excavating for diamonds, they removed 28 million tons of earth, yielding almost 3 tons of diamond. The mine is more than 1,500 ft wide and 700 ft deep. 43-year lifetime brought its work to an end in 1914. Several attempts were made to register it as a world heritage site.

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9. The Devil’s Sinkhole, Texas


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Located in the Edwards Country, Texas, the Devil’s Sinkhole is a massive underground chamber. It’s opening 50 ft wide leads to a cavern 350 ft deep. It’s forbidden to enter the cavern, but it is believed that more that 3 million bats live there, as the sinkhole is made of limestone, which is the natural habitat of Mexican Free-Tailed Bat. During summer months, observers can see bats flying to the sinkhole every night.

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10. Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman



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The sinkhole this stunning and beautiful was bound to become a tourist attraction. It’s even weird that it doesn’t swallow vehicles, houses or occasionally whole streets. Beautiful Limestone bowl has every reason to boast nice and clear blue waters usually only seen on postcards. That’s why local authorities decided to turn this dream-like place into a swimming park, which attracts local and foreign tourists eager for a picturesque swim.

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11. Guatemala City Sinkhole


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Ok, this one might be a secret exit to the underworld. In 2010, the mysterious sinkhole swallowed up a 3-story building in Guatemala City. This enormous crater appeared after Agatha storm slammed into the country. For those of you, who were still in doubt that our planet is a fading sphere that could eventually feast on us all, here’s the proof, just look closer at these horrifying holes.

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12. Morning Glory Pool (Hole), Wyoming, US

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And last but not the least gorgeous hole is The Morning Glory Pool located in the Yellowstone park. This mesmerizing thermal pool got its name in 1880 thanks to its morning glory flower look alike. The hot pool is brightly colored by the heat-loving algae growing in it. And yet, because of thoughtless tourists, throwing litter and coins into the hole, the pool was in danger of losing its colors. It affected the temperature greatly and put existence in jeopardy causing bacteria making the yellow color move from the outskirts into the center. Today, you’ll have to take a little walk along the Upper Geyser Basin to make it to the prettiest Morning Glory Hole, and it’s worth it.


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